Nikon: Clark Little
"I Am Different" Campaign

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The Inertia: Creators
Clark Little (Cutting Room Floor)

Duration 2:46
October, 2014
Weather Channel:
Weather Caught on Camera

Duration 2:30
August, 2014
Shibuya Parco Exhibit Event
Exhbit in conjunction with Japan book release "Waves of North Shore". Book and art signing events were held on July 12 & 13, 2014 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Duration 2:00
July, 2014
France Public Television
Channel 2
Duration 1:10
June, 2014
The Inertia
Duration 3:36
June, 2014
CBS Evening News
Duration 2:10
Jan, 2014

Good Morning TVN - Poland
Duration 3:45
Jan, 2014

  TVN - Poland
Hawaii News Now
Duration 4:00
Nov, 2013

  Hawaii News Now
Vice: Clark Little
Shred-Ablity Series
Duration 11:11
Oct, 2013

The Today Show
Duration 2:07
May, 2013

  The Today Show
Hawaii Arukikata
Japanese Video on Clark
Duration 7:16
May, 2013

*video in Japanese

Clark Little Haleiwa Gallery 2 Year Anniversary Party
Special Kelly Slater GoPro Photography Exhbition.
Shot and edited by Peter King (PK)
Duration 1:43
December 8, 2012
Clark Little Hurley Video
Shot and edited by Peter King (PK)
Duration 3:48
November 28, 2012
NHK BS1 /El Mundo
Japanese Public Television
Duration 9:30
August, 2012

*tv show is in Japanese

Apple Promotions
Macbook Pro Retina Display

Filmed in Tahiti & San Francisco
June, 2012

Dangerous Shorebreak
Shot and edited by Freddy Booth
Duration 1:44
Summer, 2012
A Day in the Life of Clark Little Photography (CLP)
Shot and produced by Freddy Booth
Duration 6:18
January, 2012
Discovery Channel:
Daily Planet

December, 2011
Clark at Work
November, 2011
Go Pro Promo Video
January, 2011
Movie Trailer
January, 2011
Tabi Channel (Japan)
July, 2011

*tv show is in Japanese
Sports People Hawaii
December, 2010
Billabong TV
December, 2010
Grind TV
October, 2010
October, 2010
Inside Edition
October, 2010


Video of Clark Little Shooting in Shorebreak
Shot and produced by Freddy Booth
October, 2010
Fox 5 San Diego News
July, 2010
KHNL Hawaii News
December, 2009
Good Morning America
March, 2009
Hurley    Dragon Alliance